• To Future Authors

    To Future Authors

    Although the publishing house is small and not widely known, we receive a large number of daily communications —especially by e-mail—, which we are unable to attend to. This message, which we would like to give the character of an open letter, is nothing more than a letter of apology… [read more]
  • The Alphabet, renavigated

    The Alphabet, renavigated

    The book Children’s Literature from A to Z by Bernardo Atxaga (Media Vaca, 1999), illustrated by Alejandra Hidalgo, has just been reissued. The alphabet has been out of print for a few years and we have received many requests to bring it back into circulation. Although Media Vaca has among its priorities to keep the catalogue alive… [read more]
  • My beautiful city: Valencia

    My beautiful city: Valencia

    The book we are presenting this afternoon is titled Valencia, like the city that welcomes us. It is published by Media Vaca, a small Valencian publishing house some of you may know, and its authors are the poet Bartolomé Ferrando and the photographer Rafael de Luis. [read more]
  • FAD Medal

    FAD Medal

    Books are probably made to avoid speeches. And also, of course, because they last. Not all do, and the mystery of books —the greatest mystery surrounding them— is not knowing which ones will and which will not. All publishers want their books to endure, and some even go through some trouble to achieve this. [read more]
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