Books For Tomorrow

From the same publishing house that published Carrot Hair by Jules Renard (a book from 1894) some years ago, followed by The Stream by Élisée Reclus (a 1869 book), and, more recently, Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll (a 1871 book), comes a series of four titles that appeared forty years ago. (Fortunately, as we can see, there are books that live many lives and allow readers to do the same.) These new old books are political books for children. And what is even more astonishing: they are completely relevant today! Their titles:

How Democracy Could Be

So This is a Dictatorship

There are Social Classes

Women and Men

The ideas and texts belong to Equipo Plantel, and the new illustrations are by Marta Pina, Mikel Casal, Joan Negrescolor, and Luci Gutiérrez. The 1977 collection was called Books for Tomorrow, and so is the 2015 edition. As the note that accompanies the four titles warns, ‘apparently, that tomorrow is not yet today. We hope it does not take long’.