On Sunday morning

1. Last Sunday I was at sea on one of those things… with anchors… with sails… with a rudder… How are they called? The point is that there was a storm and we shipwrecked.
2. The sea swallowed all my companions. I managed to get to one of those places with palm trees… surrounded by water… with turtles… Anyway!
3. I thought I was alone but people lived there. The place was full of… yes, those people who eat humans… they have a funny name… I cannot remember right now.
4. We fought. Luckily I had one of those tubes that shoots fire… like this: pum!… with gunpowder… I was finally rescued and fortunately I am here to tell the story.

Collaboration by Alejandra Hidalgo in the 37-38 issue of the El Llaüt de Xàbia magazine (1998).