A Toast to the Sun. 20 years of Media Vaca

Media Vaca is about to be 20 years old. On 18 December 1998, the first three titles of the publishing house were presented —I Have No Words; Noses, Little Owls, Volcanoes, and Other Poems; and Carrot Hair— in the bookshop and gallery La Guillotina, a great venue in Valencia that does not exist anymore. We would like to celebrate this anniversary by hosting a series of activities, to reunite with friends we have not seen in a while, to encourage a gathering between readers and authors of the publishing house (and between the authors themselves, as some live nearby and others far away), and to introduce the catalogue, which continues to be unknown even to some of our friends.

The scheduled activities are offered under the slogan ‘Toast to the Sun’, and will take place mainly in the Las Naves space during the months of November, December, and January, but not exclusively. The calendar is available below. Some times may change, so we suggest you check the information again when the dates are near. Keep in mind that the calendar will be completed along the way, and other activities may be added to the preexisting ones: when someone titles a celebration ‘Toast to the Sun’, anything could happen.

‘Toast to the Sun’ is an initiative by Media Vaca and Las Naves, within the support line for publishing, illustration, and the encouragement of reading promoted by the Connecta Cultura network. Our aim is to offer insight into the hard and rigorous work behind books, which are produced, by greater or lesser fortune, by authors, publishers, and many other professionals who are devoted to this trade.


MARCH 2018

Wednesday 14. Construction of a falla by the students of Mi Academia based on Genichiro Yagyu’s books from the series The Map of my Body, as well as painting and art education workshops in Valencia. http://miacademia.es/

APRIL 2018

Wednesday 11. 18:00. ‘Drawing a sausage’. Talk by the Taiwanese illustrator Chu-Li Chen, author of Book of the Flaws of Others in EASD, School of Art & Design. http://www.easdvalencia.com/dibujar-un-chorizo/

JUNE 2018

Thursday 7. 19:30. Display of the original artwork by Fabio Zimbres for the book Panama or the Adventures of my Seven Uncles. At the Per(r)ucho bookshop, pre-party from Tenderete 16.

Friday 8. 19:00. ‘My Fetish Books’. Lecture by Vicente Ferrer, publisher of Media Vaca, about some of his favourite illustrated books. As part of the activities included in the 16th edition of the Tenderete festival, held in the library space of Las Naves. http://tenderetefestival.com

Saturday 9. 11:00-15:00. ‘Drawing on covers’ drawing workshop in collaboration with Fabio Zimbres. At Tenderete 16, in the Think Tank space of Las Naves. / 19:00. In conversation with Fabio Zimbres and Arnal Ballester, author of I Have No Words, with the occasion of Media Vaca’s 20th anniversary. At Tenderete, in the library space. http://tenderetefestival.com/programa/

JULY 2018

Friday 29 June; Wednesday 4, Tuesday 10, Tuesday 17, and Tuesday 24 July. Preparatory workshops for the book Media Vaca Museum, by Vicente Ferrer. In the CCCC (Carme Contemporary Culture Centre). As part of the activities offered by Aula d'Estiu, in collaboration with Pinta Valencia. / Workshop about Taro Miura's project ‘Children’s Faces’, taught by Pinta Valencia. http://www.consorcimuseus.gva.es/centro-del-carmen/actividades/?lang=es


Tuesday 23. 18:30. In conversation with Peggy Espinosa, editor of Petra Ediciones (Mexico), about illustrated books, the creation of catalogues, international rights management, institutional tenders, etc. At the Think Tank in Las Naves. https://www.lasnaves.com/?lang=es


Wednesday 7. 19:00. Lecture by Mariana Chiesa, illustrator of the book No Time To Play, about her work and the work created for Media Vaca. Activities for students. At the Popular University of Russafa. http://universitatpopular.com

Thursday 15 and Monday 19. 16:00-20:00. Participation of Grazka Lange, author of Warsaw, in the module Experimental Book Project, part of the master's degree in Analogical and Digital Publications, for students of EASD, School of Art and Design. http://www.easdvalencia.com

Tuesday 20. 16:30-19:30. Workshop by Grazka Lange aimed at the students of the Art & Design degree course in ESAT, School of Art and Technology. http://www.esat.es

Wednesday 21. 16:30-20:00. Lecture by Grazka Lange in ESAT, School of Art and Technology. Aimed at students. http://www.esat.es

Tuesday 27. 18:00. Exhibit by Eloar Guazzelli, illustrator of the book The Stream, of his drawing ‘Cidade Nanquim’ and presentation of the project to the audience. In La Pecera (second floor), Project Room of EASD, School of Art and Design. The drawing is showcased for two weeks. http://www.easdvalencia.com

Wednesday 28. 16:30-20:00. Lecture by Eloar Guazzelli in ESAT, School of Art and Technology. Aimed at students. http://www.esat.es

Thursday 29. 19:30. Presentation by the publishing house and encounter with some of Media Vaca’s authors at the Ramon Llull Bookshop. Along with Eloar Guazzelli, speakers include: Miguel Calatayud, author of The World Turned Upside Down; Artur Heras, author of Madame Leonarda; Pablo Mestre, designer and contributor to My First 80,000 Words; Josep Salvador, IVAM curator and specialist in Luis Seoane’s work, and Rosa Espiñeira Pan, publisher of Figurando Recuerdos Edicións and contributor of the book Furtive Portraits. http://www.llibreriaramonllull.com

Friday 30. 18:00. ‘Help! Brazil in the Bolsonaro era’ lecture by Eloar Guazzelli Filho on Brazil’s political situation. Presented by Begoña Lobo, publisher of Media Vaca and asylum lawyer. In the seminar rooms (third floor) of the Cultural Centre La Nau. Calle Universitat, n. 2. www.lanau


Saturday 1. 11:00. Reading of the book Valencia and walk through the historic district of the city guided by its authors, Bartolomé Ferrando and Rafael de Luis. The Ramon Llull Bookshop serves as a departure point; after the tour, return to the bookshop for a talk and a vermouth. Joined by Manuel Flores, illustrator of the books Buster Keaton Takes a Walk and Farewell to the Future. http://www.llibreriaramonllull.com

Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12, Thursday 13. Workshops by Taro Miura, author of the book Tokyo, at CAR Mislata (Refugee Reception Centre). http://extranjeros.mitramiss.gob.es/es/ProteccionAsilo/car/docs/Carta_de_Servicios_2018_2021_es.pdf

Tuesday 18. Opening of the exhibition ‘Toast to the sun. 20 years of Media Vaca’ in Las Naves. In conversation with Arnal Ballester, Carlos Ortin, and Gabriela Rubio, authors of the first three books (I Have No Words; Noses, Little Owls, Volcanoes and Other Illustrated Poems; Carrot Hair), and presentation of the re-published works. The event is closed with a concert by Julio Bustamante and Lavanda. https://www.lasnaves.com/?lang=es

Sunday 30. 12:00. ‘The city of paper’, workshop by Taro Miura for children and adults in the Centre del Carme, Espai D. CCCC Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània.


Saturday 26. 11:00. Coinciding with the end of the exhibition ‘Toast to the Sun’ in Las Naves, the presentation of the book Media Vaca Museum will take place, with the participation of some of its authors. To close the closing event, the band La Alegría de la Huerta will play their music in a nearby alqueria and perform the Himno de la Sociedad de Amigos y Difusores de la Pelota Postal Descascarillable (Hymn for the Society of Friends and Distributors of the Derailed Postal Ball), an homage to its creator, El Persa, and to Media Vaca’s 20th anniversary. Then, to close the closing of the closing, there will be dinner with the musicians and the authors.

The illustration of the bearded girl with the fly and the ant is by Eloar Guazzelli.