• 'Media Vaca Museum', awarded in Bolonia

    'Media Vaca Museum', awarded in Bolonia

    Bologna Ragazzi Award ceremony, at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, last 1 April, in the Farnesse Room of Palazzo D'Accursio, in Piazza Maggiore. The book Media Vaca Museum received a mention in the New Horizons category. [read more]
  • A Toast to the Sun. 20 years of Media Vaca

    A Toast to the Sun. 20 years of Media Vaca

    Media Vaca is about to be 20 years old. On 18 December 1998, the first three titles of the publishing house were presented —I Have No Words; Noses, Little Owls, Volcanoes, and Other Poems; and Carrot Hair— in the bookshop and gallery La Guillotina, a great venue in Valencia that does not exist anymore. [read more]
  • Visiting libraries in Oaxaca

    Visiting libraries in Oaxaca

    Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, and visit of the publishers to three libraries that offer Media Vaca’s catalogue, guided by Freddy Aguilar, director of the BS Children’s Library in Oaxaca. The three libraries are the BS Children’s Library Parque de las Canteras, the BS Ferrocarril Library, and the ‘El Rosario’ Library, in Santa Catarina Minas. [read more]
  • Award for Publishing Labour

    Award for Publishing Labour

    Media Vaca has obtained the 2018 National Prize for Best Cultural Publishing Labour, awarded by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (Ministry of Culture and Sport). The jury has highlighted “the exquisite care of its catalogue, the quality of its books, the respect towards readers and the rest of agents in the book chain”. [read more]
  • In Bogota's Fair

    In Bogota's Fair

    ‘Otra Mirada’ meeting at the Bogotá Book Fair, organised by the Cálamo bookshop of Zaragoza and Acción Cultural Española (Spanish Cultural Action). At the table, four publishers of children’s books: María Fernanda Paz Castillo (Cataplum), María Francisca Mayobre (Ekaré), María Osorio (Babel), and Vicente Ferrer… [read more]
  • In the Cervantes Institute in Tokio

    In the Cervantes Institute in Tokio

    Media Vaca returns to Tokyo after 13 years. Taking advantage of the trip, which apparently can never be simple walk in the park, the publishers elaborate a busy activity schedule. [read more]
  • Plans for 2018

    Plans for 2018

    In 2016 we wrote some ‘Plans for 2016’ of which we fulfilled only a minuscule fraction. In 2017 we did not make any plans; we had no time to think about them, since we were too busy throwing the 2016 plans out the window. In 2018… [read more]
  • The hell of Instagram

    The hell of Instagram

    Since last 20 July, Media Vaca has had an Instagram account opened and administrated by one of the publishing house’s readers and friends. This is no small matter, since until this moment the publishing house has completely kept its distance from social networks. In fact, the publisher does not own a mobile phone and has refused to have one as if he were a forest spirit. [read more]
  • In Córdoba, Argentina

    In Córdoba, Argentina

    Vicente Ferrer and Begoña Lobo, creators of the Spanish imprint Media Vaca, will give a free seminar in Córdoba. The publishing house is a gem of independent publishing. They publish only three books a year, with an emphasis on illustration and graphic art. Their catalogue includes Argentinian authors such as Isol and Diego Bianki. [read more]
  • Various awards

    Various awards

    Dear friends, we are delighted to share with you the wonderful news of these three awards recently received. Joan Fernández Negrescolor has been awarded the 2016 Junceda Illustration Award, in the Divulgation and Science category, for the book There Are Social Classes… [read more]
  • Why we are not participating in Madrid Book Fair

    Why we are not participating in Madrid Book Fair

    This year we thought it would be a good idea to participate in the Madrid Book Fair and, as we wanted to do so with our own stand, we wrote the following letter to the organisers… [read more]
  • Plans for 2016

    Plans for 2016

    After 18 years and 63 published books (some of which have taken a decade to finish), it is time to catch our breath and look at the view. This is what people do when they climb a mountain, and it cannot be any different from climbing a mountain of books. [read more]
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