• Kiosk contains all of the publishing house's books, arranged in chronological order: the first to appear is the most recently published; the furthest away is the oldest.
  • Editorial is composed of two differentiated parts:
  • Miscellany is a section divided into three categories:

    • News includes information addressed to readers, booksellers and future authors interested in how the publishing house operates;
    • Readings contains various articles related to the life of the publishing house or its publications, signed by both publishers as well as authors and collaborators, and includes interviews, lectures and Christmas greetings;
    • Lessons on Things contains several proposals for a discarded book project.
  • Collections: All of the titles of the same collection are organised by their serial numbers. Each collection has an editorial text that explains its characteristics.
  • Authors contains brief profiles of the writers and illustrators whose works comprise the publishing house's catalogue. In some occasions, the profiles are not brief, as they reproduce the text in full as it appears in the book. In the case of many of the translated works, the portraits of the translators are included among those of the writers.

  • Contact offers all those interested the possibility to send comments and questions to the publishers, as well as to request information on how to send projects, purchase publications or participate in the activities of the publishing house.