List of topics

1. The small odyssey of parasitic worms; 2. Proletarians of robbery; 3. Four unpublished novels; 4. The complicated world of dreams; 5. My first album of mental illnesses; 6. Civic relics; 7. Flower of curiosities of the table fish; 8. The dangerous life of garden snails; 9. The other citizens; 10. The forgotten wisdom of organic residues; 11. The invention pf time; 12. Notions of spiritualism; 13. The tight schedule of home insects; 14. Artistic Isms; 15. Before the napkin; 16. The criminal story of puff pastry; 17. Four impostors; 18. Léo Taxil; 19. Baron Franz Nopcsa; 20. Silent science; 21. Sex and death; 22. The age of things; 23. Field guide to philosophical systems; 24. Predator and prey; 25. Small inventions; 26. Beyond Linneo; 27. Field guide to hermits; 28. The album of the gods; 29. Fatal gastronomy; 30. Supreme instants of science; 31. Doctrines on the genesis of living beings; 32. An immortal being: the Dictyostelium Discoideum; 33. The theological case of spontaneous generation; 34. Monstrous limbs; 35. Strange rain (things that have fallen from the sky); 36. Wild children of the modern age; 37. Lost languages; 38. Sunsets, step by step; 39. Great books written in prison; 40. Noses, paws, mouths, beaks, tails, tongues, and horns; 41. Andrew Carnegie; 42. What are we breathing?; 43. Living venoms; 44. Great polysemies; 45. History of erosion; 46. From the protozoans to mankind; 47. Painting of meteors; 48. The malice of wolves; 49. The creation of the solar system (‘Biography of the Earth’ series I); 50. The creation of Earth (II); 51. The appearance of the Moon (III); 52. The Earth’s interior (IV); 53. The Earth’s surface (V); 54. Weather and climate (VI); 55. The Earth’s sky (VII); 56. The origin of life (VIII); 57. The living evolution (IX); 58. The end of the Earth (X); 59. Garden models; 60. Fateful lives: Chickens (from the egg to the stomach); 61. The congenital criminal of Dr. Lombroso; 62. Garden vegetables; 63. Pseudonyms of renowned writers; 64. What are we drinking?; 65. The delinquent’s vocabulary; 66. Pot plants; 67. Mnemonics; 68. The self-absorbed life of unicellular beings; 69. Rorschach and his test; 70. Chinese shadows; 71. Inside… (animals, vegetables, minerals, objects); 72. Skinned animals; 73. Four metamorphoses; 74. Hats and nests; 75. The journey to digestion; 76. Major artificial catastrophes; 77. Superstitions of miners throughout the ages; 78. The lost paradises (famous utopias); 79. Anthology of diseases; 80. Four rare mammals; 81. Readings to snack to; 82. The 16 rules of Esperanto; 83. Tribulations of potatoes; 84. Minor myths of fantasy cinema; 85. Moles, the methodical animal; 86. The five senses of fish; 87. Great scams; 88. Fair phenomenons; 89. Where animals sleep; 90. The sea (in slices); 91. The river (in stretches); 92. Spontaneous combustions; 93. Hidden truths of famous novelists; 94. Multiple personalities; 95. Cases of mass hysteria; 96. Notable amnesiacs; 97. The ingenious sexual life of earthworms; 98. The love between plants; 99. Prodigious drugs; 100. Brief history of artificial members; 101. Art and tuberculosis; 102. Guide to identifying flies; 103. The true story of holidays; 104. The origin of flowers; 105. Buildings and their names; 107. Furniture and their names; 108. The plague. 109. Rare lost civilizations. 110. Three mammals who lay eggs; 111. Interesting facts about foods; 112. (Recently) lost items; 113. History of tinning; 114. Stoics and Epicureans; 115. Infusion secrets; 116. The cult of beasts; 117. The voice of animals; 118. The rugged world of spiders; 119. Brief history of mirrors; 120. Human delusions; 121. The five ways to procreate; 122. Family album of the fish tapeworm; 123. Four times four; 124. Dental hygiene; 125. Training to crew rockets; 126. You can judge a man by who he kills; 127.

Illustration: Tesoro de bocetos inútiles (paisajes mediterráneos) [Treasury of useless sketches (Mediterranean landscapes)], by Micharmut.