• Barroquín


    Vayamos por partes. Uno: Advertencia. Cuando diga «Vicente» en mi intervención, me referiré a Vicente Ferrer, editor de Media Vaca, y no a Vicente Villarrocha, el amigo que murió hace una semana y que tan presente sigue estando entre nosotros. [read more]
  • Respect!


    What does it mean to treat children with respect in the field of publishing? When we began our journey, more than twenty years ago, we published a declaration of intent which, among other things, stated: ‘The best books should be for children, the best stories, the best pictures… [read more]
  • Answers to a questionnaire

    Answers to a questionnaire

    Who is Media Vaca composed of? What is your and Begoña’s background? What made you become publishers and start Media Vaca? Where does the name of the publishing house come from? Who designed its logo? [read more]
  • Twenty toasts under the Sun

    Twenty toasts under the Sun

    I come from Benicassim with a Capi ant (Benicassim’s emblem) in my pocket. Antonio Fernandez Molina’s smell of cookies awakened my appetite this morning. And on my morning stroll by the sea I kicked a Pelota Postal Descascarillable (Peelable Postal Ball) four times. [read more]
  • Brief notice about books in the Middle Ages

    Brief notice about books in the Middle Ages

    Until the appearance of scrolls, the traditional form of books at the time was that of papyrus rolls; papyrus, in turn, had replaced clay tablets. Scrolls, like vellum (made from calfskin), were crafted from animal skins, which was much easier to handle and conserve… [read more]
  • Danilo (a message for El Persa)

    Danilo (a message for El Persa)

    Hi, Pepe! I must have lent the postal ball huller to someone, because I cannot find it. I have no other choice but to write to you using the cold method of the e-mail, although communicating with you through any means, including telepathy, has always been easy. [read more]
  • 2006 writing to quote José Cadalso

    2006 writing to quote José Cadalso

    Dear friends, I apologise for not being able to come to Huesca to attend this Conference. Unfortunately, the dates coincide with those of the Frankfurt Book Fair, where the publishing house is participating with a stand. Although I notified in advance… [read more]
  • Making books

    Making books

    Good day, my name is Vicente Ferrer and I am the editor of Media Vaca. Together with Begoña Lobo, I have been making books for almost twenty years. What I have learned in this time is that there are many more reasons not to make books than to make them. For example, these I list below… [read more]
  • A bad toothache

    A bad toothache

    During the journey back home, which was going to take five months, everyone was calmer and less rushed. The strongest emotions of the expedition had passed, and they also had less work to do. They spent quite a lot of time communicating via the Internet with their friends on Earth and telling them about their experiences on the planet. Daniel spent the entire day sending messages to Raquel, a good friend, who had nearly gone with them to Mars, but due to a small family issue she had to stay on Earth and was replaced by Jimena, Mariú’s best friend. [read more]
  • Watching the tourists

    Watching the tourists

    A Japanese man stood in front of a patisserie… [read more]
  • Valencian publishers. Questionarie

    Valencian publishers. Questionarie

    Ginés Vera (Los ojos de Hipatia): When did you begin your activity as a publishing house? / Vicente Ferrer (Media Vaca): We published the first three books in 1998. It will soon be our 20th anniversary. / Ginés Vera: In your opinion, are people reading more or less than when you started out? [read more]
  • New adventures of Don Quixote

    New adventures of Don Quixote

    ‘Somewhere in La Mancha…’ / ‘Where is that, father?’ / ‘In Spanish they refer to sunspots, son. They are the darker and non-stabilised regions of the photosphere… [read more]
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