Visiting libraries in Oaxaca

Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, and visit of the publishers to three libraries that offer Media Vaca’s catalogue, guided by Freddy Aguilar, director of the BS Children’s Library in Oaxaca. The three libraries are the BS Children’s Library Parque de las Canteras, the BS Ferrocarril Library, and the ‘El Rosario’ Library, in Santa Catarina Minas. In the latter, the publishers enjoyed meeting the students from a local school, who were visiting for the first time a place with so many books, and to whom it was explained what the publisher’s role consists of and —very briefly— how a book is made. As observed in the picture, some of the furniture allows children to experience reading a book inside a whale’s stomach, and for grown ups, the experience of getting an MRI, even without needing one.

Photograph by Annette Pérez.