BolognaRagazzi Award Non Fiction for Books For Tomorrow

Dear friends,

We are delighted to inform you that our collection Books for Tomorrow has received the first prize Bologna Ragazzi Award in the Non Fiction category.

This is the fourth time Media Vaca has received a first prize at the Bologna Fair. The previous winners were Mr. Korbes and Other Stories by the Brothers Grimm (2002 Fiction Award), A Season in Calcutta (2002 Non Fiction Award), and Robinson Crusoe (2009 Fiction Award). Although it is not very common, this is not the first time a collection has received an award rather than a single title.

We are very happy for the great recognition this award entails, and for the possibilities of future publicity it offers these books which we consider to be very important. The Bologna Ragazzi Award is a highly prestigious accolade which, within the field of children’s and young adult literature, would be equivalent of a cinematic Oscar.

Books for Tomorrow are books on politics for children. They were originally published by La Gaya Ciencia in 1977-1978. Media Vaca’s edition preserves the texts by Equipo Plantel, written forty years ago (and which are surprisingly —and sadly— still relevant today), with the addition of new illustrations. The four titles published are How Democracy Could Be (illustrated by Marta Pina), So This is a Dictatorship (illustrated by Mikel Casal), There are Social Classes (illustrated by Joan Negrescolor), and Women and Men (illustrated by Luci Gutiérrez). 


Begoña Lobo and Vicente Ferrer

Media Vaca

BolognaRagazzi Award Jury Evaluation

Dear Madams and Sirs,

We are delighted to inform you that the 2016 Jury of the BolognaRagazzi Award selected your Publishing House as Winner of the NON FICTION category for the book series:

Libros para Mañana: text by Equipo Plantel; illustrations by Marta Pina, Mikel Casal, Joan Negrescolor & Luci Gutiérrez; Media Vaca, Valencia, Spain, 2015

The Jury members - Dolores Prades (Brazil), Claude Combet (France), Wally De Doncker (Belgium), Silvana Amato, (Italy), Emiliano Ponzi (Italy) - motivated their choice with the short declaration hereunder: “Founded in the 1970s, this imprint returns to and updates a wide range of important political and social themes with the aim of opening young readers’ minds. Text and images encourage a broad-minded reflection of events.”

We look forward to hearing from you and once again extend our warmest congratulations!

Yours sincerely,

BolognaRagazzi Award

[Image: Elroy Jetson, The Jetsons’ boy, characters by Hanna-Barbera, with his copy of the 25th century paper edition of Books for Tomorrow.]