The Peelable Postal Ball

Next Friday 19 November 2014, at 19:00, the First World Congress of the SADPPD (Society of Friends and Disseminators of the Peelable Postal Ball) will take place in the Umbracle of the Botanical Garden of Valencia (Calle Quart 80, 46008 Valencia).

Coinciding with the exhibition EL PERSA AL BOTÀNIC, which can be seen in the Botanical Garden of Valencia until the end of September, the First World Congress of the SADPPD, Society of Friends and Disseminators of the Peelable Postal Ball, will be held, an event of universal relevance that will also honour the founder of the society, José Cardona El Persa.

For those who have not heard speak of the postal ball, we will only say that it is an invention destined to revolutionise the world of interpersonal communications, developed by El Persa based on the intuitions of his mentor Salvador Armell, postal server of Valencia's Correos. While in other places the technological discoveries that would lead to the establishment of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, among other feats that today seem inseparable from our lives, succeeded one another at vertiginous speed, in the city of Valencia, in a discreet, heroic, and, above all, calm manner, two brilliant minds, with the complicity of a close group of friends, imagined the prodigy of the postal ball and the new world that this invention would originate.

The First Congress of the SADPPD will involve a reading of brief presentations by distinguished specialists of the postal ball who were also friends of El Persa. Afterwards, membership cards will be handed out to the attendees, and the event will conclude with a performance of the PPB Hymn by a music group assembled together for the first time for this memorable occasion.

Free entrance, until full capacity.

Image: Anonymous engraving proving how, already in the 16th century, communications through American jungles were efficiently achieved thanks to a rudimentary version of the peelable postal ball.