Various awards

Dear friends, we are delighted to share with you the wonderful news of these three awards recently received.

Joan Fernández Negrescolor has been awarded the 2016 Junceda Illustration Award, in the Divulgation and Science category, for the book There Are Social Classes, published by Media Vaca. The award ceremony of the 14th edition of the Junceda Awards took place on 24 May at the Centre d’Art Santa Mónica in Barcelona.

The jury, composed of professional illustrators, winners of previous editions, and personalities from the world of visual communication, reasoned their decision as follows: ‘For the ability to synthesise, the exquisite chromatic balance, and for the humour applied in the right measure.'

Mikel Casal has been awarded the 2016 Euskadi Illustration Award, for the book So This is a Dictatorship, published by Media Vaca. The award ceremony for the 2016 Euskadi Literature Awards will be celebrated next 17 November at the San Telmo de Sebastián Museum.

‘The jury highlights Mikel Casal’s use of his ability to divulge as a press author and the adaptation of his own range of expressive resources to the children’s album format. With rich graphic means, he focuses the narration on humorous solutions and winks at young readers, implying his own vision in which the historical-politic theme is skillfully connected with a reflection of the current landscape. In addition, the illustrations account for the period in which the text was written by placing it in the graphic heritage of the 1970s.’

Lastly, Media Vaca has been awarded the 2016 Gràffica Award. The award ceremony will take place on 25 November at the TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes de Tenerife.

‘The jury has decided that Media Vaca deserves a Gràffica Award because there are many publishers but none like Vicente Ferrer and Begoña Lobo. Because their work represents a commitment to the recovery of relevant texts that have been forgotten, giving them a graphic reinterpretation. For carrying out translations and original works that other publishing houses would not likely publish. For giving an outlet to experimental collective works in which the editor, Vicente Ferrer, stamps a thematic and conceptual unity.’