To our readers

After a lustrum (which in Latin means ‘clean’, ‘pure’: five years of purification), we have finally updated Media Vaca’s website. It has not been an easy task. Nothing ever is, but at some point over the years we have come to believe that it is easier to make books than to upload them to the website. We are comforted, at least, with the thought that this delay is not as serious as it might have been if we published three hundred books a year instead of three.

Since we are very fond of the old site (which we inaugurated on 17 November 1999), and we did not wish to work more than necessary, we have kept the structure of the old page and have only made a few changes to facilitate moving from one section to the other and to update the contents, which from now on will be managed by the editors.

As a result, those who visit this website will be able to access texts about the publishing house, the collections, and each of the titles and authors; visitors will be able to see a preview of the books’ inside; and also, more easily than before, will be able to place an order and send comments and suggestions, which are always welcome.

This website, this publishing house, and these editors would not be possible without the contributions of a good handful of friends and collaborators: Alberto Botella, who gave the page its original appearance, which we so wanted to keep; Diego Obiol and Massimiliano Vellini, who have made the adaptations to the manageable format it now presents; Robin, Rosa G2, and Guillermo Heras, who for a long time have been in charge of the updates; Terebel Jiménez, Roger Colom, Roger Swanzy, Teresa Cuartero, and Linda Veroni, who took care of the translations; Leticia Oyola, who made the corrections; Daniel García Sala, José Parrondo, Arnal Ballester, and Taro Miura, who lent us their images, which we continue to use; Ángela Argilés, Sandra Galera, Mónica Fernández Valero, Catalina González Vilar, Isabelle Torrubia, María José Gil Mendoza, and Xavier Andreu, who have greatly helped us.

In another lustrum’s time —stay tuned!— we will announce the update of the English version.