To bookshops and libraries

* Since we are unable to manage them, we do not accept deposits, so sales must always be firm, without right of return.

* There is no minimum order. We accept single items.

* Orders are always by cash on delivery, unless another method is otherwise stated (transfer or bank cheque). At the moment, we are unable to accept credit cards or direct debit as payment methods.

* At the request of the bookseller, we can review postponing the payment 30, 60, or 90 days.

* Shipments are made through MRW (24 hours express delivery), with no additional transportation costs, with the exception of small orders (less than 25 euros), which will be charged the reimbursement rate (2,20 euros) the postal company applies. In this case, we ask booksellers to assume the cost of the fee in order to not increase the price of the books to customers.

* Since above all we are interested in making the catalogue of the publishing house known, we have established the following scale of discounts to encourage the purchase of a greater number of titles:
—30% discount on orders under 150 euros.
—35% discount on orders over 150 and under 350 euros.
—40% discount on orders over 350 and under 450 euros.
—45% discount on orders over 450 euros.
(Bookshops that frequently place orders, even if only a few items at a time, also benefit from greater discounts.)

We would like to thank the bookshops, libraries, and schools that have decided to acquire our books, and all those who have contacted us with the intention and interest in doing so. To those who have any type of query or wish to make a personal consultation, we encourage you to send us an e-mail or give us a call.