In the Cervantes Institute in Tokio

Media Vaca returns to Tokyo after 13 years. Taking advantage of the trip, which apparently can never be a simple walk in the park, the publishers elaborate a busy activity schedule. Thursday, 8 February, 13:15-14:30: at the Cervantes Institute of Tokyo, a talk on Media Vaca’s books and the Spanish children’s books market to nine Japanese publishers who are participating in a commercial mission in Valencia. The meeting is coordinated by Asa Kanaseki, from the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in Tokyo, who also acts as an interpreter; Friday, 9 February, 13:30-15:30: Hispanic-Japanese House of Culture and Commerce, speech by Vicente Ferrer on publishers’ work —especially focusing on the experience with Japanese authors and books—, proposed by Kazumi Uno, owner of the bookshop Miranfú and member of the Hispanic-Japanese Association, who also acts as an interpreter; Saturday, 10 February, 15:00-16:30: at the Itabashi Art Museum, round table on Media Vaca’s books, with illustrator Tauro Miura, Itabashi’s director, Kiyoko Matsuoka, and the publishers. Kiyoko Masaoka, translator of Media Vaca’s Japanese books, acts as an interpreter, and participating in the event are most of the authors of Once Upon 21 Times… Little Red Riding Hood, invited by Izumi Yamada, some of whom travelled from far for the occasion. After the presentation at the museum, the group of illustrators move to a nearby restaurant to celebrate the reunion as well as Vicente Ferrer’s 55th birthday.

Photograph by David Carrión.