Out Of Collection

As surprising as it may seem, there is no other collection called Out Of Collection. The titles included here have been left out of the established series because we figured they do not exactly fit in with any of them, for reasons that are sometimes hard to explain.

Most of these books are commissions, that is to say, unexpected projects that were not part of our publishing plan; books, also, which answer more to the initiative of others. This may be the common feature that grouped them together and excluded them from the rest, but it is hard to say: the book Exemplary Crimes was a commission, and it belongs to another collection (Last Readings); it would be wrong to categorise the book Pamphlets, Sermons & A Toast to the Sun as a commission; if anything, it would be an auto-commission. It might be relevant that all these books had a set deadline, when most of our projects have been developed without a time limit, sometimes even dedicating several years to them.

In any case, what is quite clear is that there is no book within this category that could not be placed in another, and that none of them exist solely due to a commission: they are all projects we have felt excited to work on, which have deserved the greatest dedication and effort, and have been, without a doubt, as complicated as they are.

Drawing by Edward Lear