Lessons on things

  • List of topics

    List of topics

    1. The small odyssey of parasitic worms; 2. Proletarians of robbery; 3. Four unpublished novels; 4. The complicated world of dreams; 5. My first album of mental illnesses; 6. Civic relics; 7. Flower of curiosities of the table fish; 8. The dangerous life of garden snails… [read more]
  • The Thing

    The Thing

    Things go beyond being an object. The tangibility of the latter dispels when it becomes a thing. For a thing is all that has an entity, whether spiritual or corporeal, natural or artificial, physical or metaphysical. When Diderot and D’Alembert organised the Encyclopedia their intention was to explain the world through science… [read more]
  • Antecedents


    01- The beginnings of children and young adult publications are tied to didacticism and the transmission of morals. The recreational and fantasy ingredient takes a secondary, if not non-existent place. This civilizing treatment of young people begins in the early 20th century under the control of educators and religious institutions… [read more]
  • Publisher's note

    Publisher's note

    For many, many years —we cannot remember how many—, the illustrator Micharmut has been compiling data and organising the introductions of a work titled Lecciones de cosas (Lessons on Things)… [read more]