• BolognaRagazzi Award Non Fiction for Books For Tomorrow

    BolognaRagazzi Award Non Fiction for Books For Tomorrow

    We are delighted to inform you that our collection Books for Tomorrow has received the first prize Bologna Ragazzi Award in the Non Fiction category. This is the fourth time Media Vaca has received a first prize at the Bologna Fair. The previous winners were Mr. Korbes and Other Stories by the Brothers Grimm (2002 Fiction Award), A Season in Calcutta (2002 Non Fiction Award), and Robinson Crusoe. [read more]
  • Books For Tomorrow

    Books For Tomorrow

    From the same publishing house that published Carrot Hair by Jules Renard (a book from 1894) some years ago, followed by The Stream by Élisée Reclus (a 1869 book), and, more recently, Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll (a 1871 book), comes a series of four titles that appeared forty years ago. [read more]
  • The Peelable Postal Ball

    The Peelable Postal Ball

    Next Friday 19 November 2014, at 19:00, the First World Congress of the SADPPD (Society of Friends and Disseminators of the Peelable Postal Ball) will take place in the Umbracle of the Botanical Garden of Valencia. [read more]
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The publishing house Media Vaca will be 15 years old in November 2013. During this time we have published an average of three titles per year and the 50th book in our catalogue has just come out. Despite the fact that the last paper catalogue was published in 2006, and we have not had commercial distribution since 2008… [read more]
  • The Illustrated Dictionary of the 21st Century

    The Illustrated Dictionary of the 21st Century

    CEIP Siglo XXI Las Rozas (Las Rozas 21st Century School), in Madrid, has published the Illustrated Dictionary of the 21st Century, created by the school’s children. The project is an initiative of the Parents’ Association in which the entire educational community has participated. They say, as stated in the book itself, that it is inspired by the dictionary My First 80,000 Words… [read more]
  • El Persa

    El Persa

    El Persa (Pepe Cardona) died a few hours ago. Pepe Cardona has died, but not El Persa. El Persa is still with us and always will be. He is in his books, drawings, cutouts, paintings. In the stories he counted on losing like Joyce when he wrote in taverns… [read more]
  • Award for Welcome to El Cabanyal

    Award for Welcome to El Cabanyal

    Dear friends of the Art Books, we have good news: the book Welcome to El Cabanyal, published by Media Vaca, has received the third prize in the category Libros de Arte (Art Books) in the Best Edited Books Awards for 2011, organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. [read more]
  • Steinberg in Barcelona

    Steinberg in Barcelona

    One day I visited the A|34 gallery (in Aribau 24 street, Barcelona) as Media Vaca’s assistant and María Schjaer asked me if I was Begoña and Vicente’s daughter. She was very surprised when I answered that I was not and that they do not have children. However, I carefully explained that both Vicente and Begoña are tireless and ‘adopt’ all of us as their children. [read more]
  • El Cabanyal in the heart of Valencia

    El Cabanyal in the heart of Valencia

    From Friday 4 November to Wednesday 30 November 2011, the exhibition and the book WELCOME TO EL CABANYAL come to the heart of Valencia. [read more]
  • Welcome to El Cabanyal

    Welcome to El Cabanyal

    Plataforma Salvem el Cabanyal and the publishing house Media Vaca welcome and invite you to visit the 13th edition of Portes Obertes, which this year opens to the public 13 (+1) traditional houses located in the neighbourhoods of Canyamelar, El Cabanyal, and Cap de França. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition… [read more]
  • To our readers

    To our readers

    After a lustrum (which in Latin means ‘clean’, ‘pure’: five years of purification), we have finally updated Media Vaca’s website. It has not been an easy task. Nothing ever is, but at some point over the years we have come to believe that it is easier to make books than to upload them to the website. [read more]
  • To bookshops and libraries

    To bookshops and libraries

    Since we are unable to manage them, we do not accept deposits, so sales must always be firm, without right of return. / There is no minimum order. We accept single items. / Orders are always by cash on delivery, unless another method is otherwise stated (transfer or bank cheque)… [read more]
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