Welcome to El Cabanyal

Plataforma Salvem el Cabanyal and the publishing house Media Vaca welcome and invite you to visit the 13th edition of Portes Obertes, which this year opens to the public 13 (+1) traditional houses located in the neighbourhoods of Canyamelar, El Cabanyal, and Cap de França. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition Welcome to El Cabanyal, which comprises a collection of 99 illustrated stories, memories, and news by 40 graphic artists based on testimonies from neighbours who live or have lived in El Cabanyal, as well as fragments of literary works and various writings.

Welcome to El Cabanyal represents the collective work of many people over more than two years. This effort has resulted in a book and an exhibition that can be followed through the residencies which open their doors as small museums. The aim, once again, is to draw attention to this extraordinary place that must be protected and preserved, one of the few in the world made on the scale of children.

Welcome to El Cabanyal, a unique place where people still say ‘good morning’ (bon dia) and ‘good night’ (bona nit).

Welcome to El Cabanyal
13th edition Cabanyal Portes Obertes
From 23 September to 9 October 2011

Opening hours
Saturdays and Sundays
From 11:00 to 14:00, and from 17:00 to 21:00

Friday 23 September, 20:00
At L’Escorxador, San Pedro Street, 27

Organised by
Plataforma Salvem el Cabanyal
Media Vaca

In collaboration with
Associació Cultural Gastronòmica i Vegetariana La Regadera
Associació Cultural l'Escola del Cabanyal
Estudio Paco Mora

Poster art
Dani Sanchis [photograph by Santiago Martí / AFC]

Book cover and pamphlet
Mik Baro

Where to purchase Welcome to El Cabanyal
*The stationary shop Galindo (José Benlliure, 110. Tel. 963 713 158)
*Hamburgo Book and Stationary Shop (Reina, 35. Tel. 963 678 701)
*Paco’s Kiosk (Intersection Reina with Just Vilar)
*Information desk of Portes Obertes (Sant Pere, 83, ground floor)
*At the 13+1 participating houses of the Portes Obertes exhibition

More information at www.cabanyal.com