Publisher's note

The image’s text: ‘Dangers of the illuminated’ 11. Do not read far away from light, because you will tire your eyes. To read or work comfortably, you need a fixed light, not too bright and not too faint. 12. It would be unwise to pour oil into an oil lamp while having an artificial light nearby. Oil, if close to a spark, can catch fire. 13. When you suspect there has been a gas leak, do not inspect pipes with a light. You could cause an explosion.

For many, many years —we cannot remember how many—, the illustrator Micharmut has been compiling data and organising the introductions of a work titled Lecciones de cosas (Lessons on Things). These lessons follow the inspiration of the popular encyclopedias and school manuals that our grandparents studied with and learned an infinity of useful and futile (though only apparently) knowledge which radically changed their lives, transforming violent shepherds into violent biochemists, and rough shellfish farmers into rough beauticians.

Unfortunately, much of this knowledge is being lost as quickly as the tightrope walker’s profession is disappearing in Armenia, and at this rate we will end up shepherding (and badly) just as all the generations that precede us. Thus, beyond the usual considerations, survival reasons recommend the publication of this essential work.

The miscellaneous character of Lessons on Things and its extension suit this recently inaugurated section, so we are pleased to announced to all those interested that you will be able to follow regularly, in a simple and low-cost way, the periodical entries we will be receiving from Micharmut. Information and entertainment are guaranteed.

Micharmut’s personal blog.

Image from Lecciones de cosas en 650 grabados (Lessons on Things in 650 Engravings), by G. Colomb (Gustavo Gili, Barcelona MCMXLI)