• The goodbye picture

    The goodbye picture

    In the last pages of Once Upon 21 Times… Little Red Riding Hood is the goodbye picture of the 2003 summer workshop at the Itabashi Museum. We had spent five days together: 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 July. We had worked very hard. And we were very happy. [read more]
  • My list

    My list

    Charles Addams, Almada Negreiros, Mauricio Amster, Apa, Sergio Aragonés, Gerd Arntz, Eduardo Arroyo, Atak, Bagaría, Arturo Ballester, Rafael Barradas, Salvador Bartolozzi, Glen Baxter, Aubrey Beardsley, Max Beckmann, Peter Blake, Blanquet, R.O. Blechman, Bon, Pierre Bonnard, J. Borges, Mário Botas, Alberto Breccia, Pieter Brueghel, Wilhelm Busch, Jacques Callot, Josef Capek, Al Capp, Caran d'Ache, Jacques Carelman, Castelao… [read more]
  • Zaragoza by José Luis Cano

    Zaragoza by José Luis Cano

    Before we published Zaragoza, I knew Cano especially for his famous booklets dedicated to illustrious Aragonese figures. I used to buy them in bookshops and, after meeting the author in person, he would send us some through the post… [read more]
  • Why do I read?

    Why do I read?

    1. To obey. We were forced to read in school. I remember we had to read aloud a story about a Hamaranbadahada princess and I got stuck on the name. I tried again at home. Now I cannot get it out of my head / 2. To imitate. To be like my parents / 3. To set an example for my children [read more]
  • Why 'Media Vaca'?

    Why 'Media Vaca'?

    What is the origin of Media Vaca and who are its ancestors? The first three titles of the Books for Children collection appeared in December 1998: I Have No Words, Noses, Little Owls, Volcanoes and Carrot Hair. At the time I had the feeling that I had been preparing for many years to be able to make these books… [read more]
  • No tinc paraules (I Have No Words)

    No tinc paraules (I Have No Words)

    I Have No Words by Arnal Ballester is Media Vaca’s first book. It appeared at the end of 1998 in the Books for Children collection along with two other titles. The three books came out of the printers a few weeks before Christmas… [read more]
  • An advertisement

    An advertisement

    Life is as short as the word LIFE… [read more]
  • A short speech

    A short speech

    The publishing house Media Vaca began to publish its first books at the end of 1998. The three books came out at once over Christmas, at the last minute, when booksellers were no longer accepting new releases. That experience made us think that three books were all we could do in a year. [read more]
  • As said by Benjamin Péret

    As said by Benjamin Péret

    From uniformity comes boredom, from boredom comes reflection, from reflection comes a discontent with life… [read more]
  • Images, images, images

    Images, images, images

    Dreams are the only jungle left for animals. In the real world we do not offer them much choice: when we are not killing them to eat them, we do so for fun. And those we keep by our side we treat like a king treats his jesters. However, when the night falls… [read more]
  • An amateur's cabinet

    An amateur's cabinet

    Children’s books are written by grown-ups, selected by grown-ups, and bought by grown-ups thinking of children’s amusement. And also, most likely, with their domestication in mind. However, it is precisely in these books where some of the most daring, fascinating, and moving pictures can be found. [read more]
  • Rhymers eulogy

    Rhymers eulogy

    First of all, I would like to thank my friends at Ekaré for inviting me to present this Chamario by Eduardo Polo and Arnal Ballester. They have no idea what they have done by inviting the competition to present your book. [read more]
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