• Three students ask

    Three students ask

    Marta Cachinero: Everyone knows Media vaca is a life project. Do you believe that this purpose has been the key to achieving the international recognition you have had and have? What has been the most important thing to have been able to come this far? [read more]
  • The slow agony of Philip II

    The slow agony of Philip II

    ‘In Buenos Aires, Ramón (Gómez de la Serna) was delivering a speech on the life of Philip II and the time of the construction of El Escorial; the speech was nearly finished and he was talking about the last illness and the slow agony of Philip II. [read more]
  • Saul Steinberg, 1914-2014

    Saul Steinberg, 1914-2014

    In 2014, Saul Steinberg would have been a hundred years old. We record this fact here. It is true we could have recorded it in 2014 and not wait until 2015, but out of modesty (and laziness) we have not done so. (Oh, look, another fact. Let’s also record it.) [read more]
  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    The publisher of children's books… [read more]
  • Great routes PPD

    Great routes PPD

    Many years ago, when I used to attend international meetings and a journalist friend would ask me to explain what the peelable postal ball was about, I never knew how to begin. I ended up memorising an answer as a sort of catechism that would at least allow me to muddle through: ‘The peelable postal ball is a postal mail system using balls… [read more]
  • Artifacts


    Since I was fifteen, I have been the author of self-published publications (what are commonly called ‘fanzines’) in small print runs of 50, 100, or 200 copies. Sometimes of two copies (one for the readers and another for the archive). I believe I have become the book publisher that I am (with sixteen years of experience… [read more]
  • A super gelatinous interview

    A super gelatinous interview

    Media Vaca is a different publishing house, as they all are, of course, although magical from the first moment. In Media Vaca, every single detail is taken care of, the same details which make keeping the books worthwhile, to later take them out, stand in front of them, touch them, have them… [read more]
  • Public works

    Public works

    A sculptural group has been inaugurated in the Lorenzo de la Flor square in El Cabanyal, in homage to the Muses of Humour: Mary Santpere, Florinda Chico, Rafaela Aparicio, and Rita Barberá. [read more]
  • Announcement


    The publishing house Media Vaca is going to publish books with invisible ink… [read more]
  • Buffalo Bill Romance Odyssey

    Buffalo Bill Romance Odyssey

    I have in my hands the book Buffalo Bill Romance by Carlos Pérez —very illustrated!—, with beautiful photographs and collages by Dani Sanchis. This is a book that was not foreseen in Media Vaca’s publication plan, if you can even say there is a publication plan when sometimes we take six years… [read more]
  • On Sunday morning

    On Sunday morning

    Last Sunday I was at sea on one of those things… with anchors… with sails… with a rudder… How are they called? The point is that there was a storm and we shipwrecked. [read more]
  • El Persa and the future world

    El Persa and the future world

    I soon learned what the final destination of books was, and, by extension, of all things. My father had a pastry shop in Valencia and a Moorish oven where, besides baking delicious sweets, the most select libraries of the neighbourhood burned. It was the post-war period and people were scared… [read more]
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