• Interview for the blog 'Donde viven los monstruos'

    Interview for the blog 'Donde viven los monstruos'

    Román Belmonte: I am very aware that this interview, for me, is a challenge, not only because of the respect that comes from being face-to-face with a Spanish publisher who has been awarded four times with the Bologna Ragazzi (among many other accolades), but also due to my admiration towards a self-made imprint. Tell me, Vicente, after all these years, what is left of those small fanzines that you called ‘medias vacas’ and which gave name to this project? [read more]
  • Extraterrestrials in the Municipal Printing Press

    Extraterrestrials in the Municipal Printing Press

    You know that moment when your hands and voice shake? Well, I think that is me right now. And I must have repeated this presentation a hundred times to every person I saw in the street, but apparently it has not been of much help. Anyway, I should begin; the truth is that I cannot remember how it began, but I have my cheat sheet. [read more]
  • Read Lear

    Read Lear

    Edward Lear was an English boy who lived 200 years ago in London with his parents and his twenty siblings. Since he was one of the last to be born, he was deprived of good health. He soon began to make a living as a drawer. He had a flair for birds and, being a perfectionist, drew them with all their feathers. [read more]
  • Pleased to meet you!

    Pleased to meet you!

    Dear friends, in 2010, the publishing house received a package sent by a young Taiwanese illustrator. In a folder with a label on which she had written ‘Pleased to meet you!’, she had enclosed samples of one of her works, and accompanied them with a handwritten letter that read… [read more]
  • A day in Oaxaca

    A day in Oaxaca

    15 November 2016. I am awake when the room’s telephone rings, at seven in the morning. It is Nava: she wants to know when we can meet because she wants to give me the pink issue of Taco de Ojo (magazine) before leaving. I tell her that this morning we are going to go to a village to deliver books to students [read more]
  • Happy 2017

    Happy 2017

    Happy 2017! May all your wishes come true! [read more]
  • The absence of Lluís Cerveró

    The absence of Lluís Cerveró

    We met Lluís Cerveró in 2000. He and Adelina opened the doors of their modernist house in El Cabanyal to us and we had the chance to contemplate the original collages of Josep Renau hanging in their hallway, the best exhibition space you could think of. A house that explains their love for books, travels, arts, and comic books. [read more]
  • Diego Bianki

    Diego Bianki

    I met Diego Bianki in the mid-nineties. I cannot remember what led me to Buenos Aires, but the point is that I had a few days ahead of me and time to wander around. One night I headed towards a gallery in the neighbourhood of Recoleta, where an exhibition of the Comuna del Lápiz Japonés (Commune of the Japanese Pencil) was opening, and luckily I managed to find the place in spite of the heavy rain. [read more]
  • Plaza de la República

    Plaza de la República

    Although the postcard reads ‘Calle de Colón’, these Valencian houses belong to the Plaza Porta de la Mar, which used to be named Marqués de Estella, and much earlier Llano del Remedio. In 1937 it was baptised as Plaza de la República… [read more]
  • Happy 2016

    Happy 2016

  • Alphabet of circumstances

    Alphabet of circumstances

    I have been asked to say a few words and speak on behalf of all the award winners. I do not know if this is possible, it is already difficult to speak in behalf of two people. I would like to say something about the way I carry out my profession, and give some examples of what is closest to me. As I only have ten minutes, the most appropriate thing to do in these circumstances is to read an Alphabet of Circumstances. [read more]
  • Portuguese tasks

    Portuguese tasks

    [The following are answers to a questionnaire sent by the Portuguese illustrator and researcher Júlio Dolbeth in December 2012.] / Júlio Dolbeth: You were one of the curators of the 2004 Portuguese Biannual of Illustration, the last major exhibition dedicated exclusively to illustration in Portugal. How did the invitation come about? [read more]
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