Cómo puede ser la democracia (How Democracy Could Be)

Idea and text by Equipo Plantel
Illustrations by Marta Pina

ISBN: 978-84-943625-0-7
Books for Tomorrow Collection, number 1 / Spanish edition / published for the first time in the collection Books for Tomorrow of the publisher la Gaya Ciencia (Barcelona, 1977), with illustrations by L. F. Santamaría / 1st edition, 1st reprint: October 2016 / 18 x 21 cm / 48 pages / colour illustrations / hardcover / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

Children’s libraries are full of books about vampires, zombies, apocalyptic wars, and all types of imaginable disasters… Well then, nothing bad will happen if we add to these libraries a book about democracy! Published now with new illustrations, this work was conceived and written forty years ago, and still remains relevant today.

This book we now publish with new illustrations by Marta Pina, was conceived and written almost forty years ago. Despite the time elapsed, everything the book says (in the clearest and simplest way) continues to be perfectly relevant today. It will provide younger readers with clues in order to formulate interesting questions, and give older readers a chance to refresh ideas and reaffirm democratic convictions, which is no small achievement.

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