Hidalgo, Herrín

Some people question the existence of someone named Herrín Hidalgo. Juan Manuel Bonet, in his commentary in 100 Illustrated Greguerías, refers to him as ‘the unlikely Herrín Hidalgo’. However, Jesús Cuadrado, in his Atlas español de la cultura popular: De la Historieta y su uso (Spanish Atlas of Popular Culture: On Comic Strips and Their Use; 1873-2000), says, on page 624 of the first tome: ‘Scriptwriter. Author of the eighties, and even of the nineties, with work in revivalist or in alternative market headers’. Therefore, he exists, let’s not dwell on it. And if he does not, how does he manage to work so hard?

The only brief biography we have been able to obtain from him is a note written on a paper napkin, and it reads as follows: ‘Herrín Hidalgo does not have the eye of an eagle, but he looks like an eagle’. To be honest, as a biography it is rather vague, although perhaps it is fair. What can we expect: since Stefan Zweig we have not read many interesting biographies.