Panamá o las aventuras de mis siete tíos (Panama or the Adventures of my Seven Uncles)

Blaise Cendrars
Illustrations by Fabio Zimbres
Translation from French: Alberto Torés
Commentary: Miriam Cendrars
Text about Fabio Zimbres: Herrín Hidalgo

ISBN: 978-84-932004-5-X
Big and Small Collection, number 1 / Original title: Le Panama ou les aventures de mes sept oncles / bilingual edition french/spanish (editorial texts in spanish) / 1st edition: August 2004 / 23,5 x 29 cm / 144 pages / two-page bicoulored illustrations + portraits of the authors / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

The poet and traveler Cendrars wrote this “poem-story” in 1913-14. He wished to record his early fascination for books and travels, inspired by the letters his mother received from her brothers from all around the world. The illustrations are by Fabio Zimbres, who, like the author, learned to travel through books.

The title that inaugurates this collection showcases the talent of two artists of different periods and backgrounds which, either by mistake or design, have ended up as travel companions. The poet’s name is Blaise Cendrars.

Cendrars had seven uncles, and all seven were called Alfred because one time they made a single passport with this name and passed it back and forth among themselves. This book is about them.

Blaise Cendrars, whose real name was Frédéric Sauser (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 1887 – Paris 1961), was a writer of adventurous spirit whose journeys have left numerous landmarks. In Panama (written in 1913-14), the poet compiled his childhood memories, as well as his fascination for books and travels. A world of wonders appeared before his eyes to quench his thirst for beautiful stories.

The illustrator’s name is Fabio Zimbres (São Paulo, Brasil, 1960) and has sailed his own boat made of lines and explosions to navigate a Channel that promises a hectic journey.

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