Érase veintiuna veces Caperucita Roja (Once Upon 21 Times..., Little Red Riding Hood)

Texts and illustrations by Ayabo, Simon Sakurai, Hazuki Hayashi, Yukari Miura, Yukari Miyazawa, Manami Yamada, Yuco Ishizuka, Maki Takubo, Kaori Tsukuda, Kana Yamada, Izumi Yamada, Chikako Futatsugi, Kyoko Enomoto, Mari Yano, Maki Iino, Kyoko Ogawa, Rie Koresawa, Tomoko Iwama, Yuka Iwase, Nozomi Kobayashi and Taro Miura
Translation from Japanese: Kiyoko Masaoka and Herrín Hidalgo
Commentaries by Kiyoko Matsuoka and Vicente Ferrer

ISBN: 978-84-934038-5-7
Book for Children Collection, number 13 / Spanish edition / 2nd edition: May 2020 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 324 pages / bicoloured illustrations / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

This book has its origin in a workshop at Tokyo´s Itabashi Museum. The participants, whose work is reproduced integrally, were asked to think of their own versions of Perrault’s story. The result is as varied as it is surprising: there are stories of fear, of laugher, of adventure, stories about ghosts, love and gastronomy.

When Media Vaca began its journey in 1998, its publisher was unsure about what type of books he wanted to make, but he was certain about which ones he did not: those which already exist a thousand times: Little Red Riding Hood!

Since life takes many turns, there is now a version of Little Red Riding Hood by Media Vaca. It is not just another book, in fact, there are twenty-one more books: twenty-one different stories inspired by the classic fairytale by Perrault, who wrote the first known work about this famous character.

The project originates in a workshop for illustrators which took place in the Itabashi Museum in Japan during the summer of 2003. The participants, whose works are reproduced in the book in their entirety, were asked not to limit themselves to simply matching their drawings to Perrault’s words, but to feel free making any changes they wished according to their own interests. The result is as varied as it is astonishing: it includes horror, comedic, and adventure stories, as well as stories about ghosts, love, and gastronomy.

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