Hidalgo, Alejandra

I would like for each of my drawings to contain all the previous ones and also include something new that would make them different. I would like to put my drawings, not in a museum, but on sugar sachets and tube tickets, so they could pass through many hands before ending up in the bin.

Above all, I would like to portray people’s faces just as I imagine them; each one similar to and different from the others: asymmetrical; bearded; caffeinated; dimpled; enigmatic; like fox-terriers; Greek like Hermes and Iris; Javanese; Kosovar; with lips muttering nonsense; with an operetta profile; quaint and regular; sentimental; taken from the underworld; Velazquez-like; and with the X of El Zorro marked in the middle of their forehead.

A. H.

Self-portrait of the author