Benvinguts al Cabanyal (Welcome to El Cabayal)

Various authors
Illustrated by Ajubel, Marta Antelo, Arnal Ballester, Mik Baro, Miguel Calatayud, Luis Demano, Oliveiro Dumas, Elfelix, El Persa, Escif, Luci Gutiérrez, Esteban Hernández, Mar Hernández Malota, Alejandra Hidalgo, Lalo Kubala, Sento Llobell, Martín López Lam, MacDiego, Sergio Membrillas, Micharmut, Milimbo, Gerard Miquel, Álvaro Nofuentes, Carlos Maiques, Jorge Parras, Irene Pérez, Mireia Pérez, Marta Pina, Po Poy, Clara-Iris Ramos, Dani Sanchis, Pablo E. Soto, Alejandro Valbuena, Lina Vila y Coca Vilar. With pictures also by Artur Heras, José Penalba, Carlos Pérez Moreno, Daniel García-Sala and Josep Renau.
Translation from Valencian: Sergi Tarín y Neus Berenguer

ISBN: 978-84-122263-5-5
Late Reading Collection, number 7 / Spanish edition with Valencian texts / 2nd edition: February 2021 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 248 pages / full color illustrations / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

This is an illustrated book of memories from the people of El Cabanyal, the mariner quarter of Valencia. It is based on interviews with its residents, fragments of literary works, articles, and various news stories. 40 illustrators and graphic artists have portrayed the long and windy streets of the neighbourhood and their most meaningful and interesting stories.

The severe threat of extinction haunts El Cabanyal, and yet this neighbourhood refuses to cease to exist. We believe this resistance is noteworthy; it should be wider known and completely deserves our support. The best way we can support our neighbours who fight for the refurbishment of their homes is by publishing this book of collective authorship.

For its preparation, we have conducted interviews with the local people who currently live there, as well as written testimonies, fragments of literary works, and articles and news stories found in diverse publications. Forty illustrators and graphic artists have collaborated in this project: they have explored the long and windy streets of the neighbourhood in search of meaningful stories that will help inform those who do not know them, and will also reveal unusual and interesting aspects to many neighbours. In one way or another, every story speaks of the people of El Cabanyal, because there is no doubt that it is people who create a place. Welcome to El Cabanyal is above all a book of illustrated memories.

As we mention in the introduction: welcome to El Cabanyal, an extraordinary place where people still say “bon dia” (good morning) and “bona nit” (good night)

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