Mis primeras 80.000 palabras (My First 80,000 Words)

333 Illustrators
Edited by Herrín Hidalgo

ISBN: 978-84-935982-1-1
Books for Children Collection, number 11 / Spanish edition (with the translation of all the terminology —but not the definitions— into English and French, by Terebel Jiménez (French), Roger Colom (English), Ludek Janda (Czech) / 3rd editon: May 2008 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 396 pages / bicoloured illustrations / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

In this dictionary of favorite words, 333 prestigious graphic artists from over twenty countries have produced illustrations of their favorite word and its most interesting definition, using two colors and a square format. The book gives us an idea of what the world is like and how illustrators see it.

333 prestigious illustrators and graphic artists from over twenty countries participate in this unique project. Each of them were asked to chose a single word, whichever they considered to be their favourite, and from said word to create a relevant illustration in a square format using only two colours.

In the dictionary, each word appears in the original language of the artist who has proposed it (only the definitions are translated into Spanish), and are chained one to the other in alphabetical order. So, for example, after “Asombro” (astonishment) comes “Astronaute” (astronaut); followed by “Azar” (chance); then “Babine” (snout); and later “Baka” (crazy).

Each illustrator has also chosen the definition they deemed most interesting, being able to choose among those contained in any of the dictionaries they had at hand.

The main interest of My First 80,000 Words is based on, in our opinion, taking out of context a series of special words -special because of being individualised-, so the reader, either young or old, can approach them from a different perspective or discover them for the first time. The reading of the chosen words, which are some of the most interesting words in the whole world, will most likely give us an idea, whatever it is, of what the world is like and how illustrators see it.

Among many other artists, the following participate in this project: Ever Meulen (Belgium), George Hardie (United Kingdom), Olivier Douzou (France), Taro Miura (Japan), Fabio Zimbres (Brasil), Renée French (United States), Matti Hagelberg (Finland), Carlos Nine (Argentina), Manuel Monroy (Mexico), José Parrondo (Belgium), Chumy Chúmez (Spain), etc.

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