Panfletos, sermoncillos y brindis al sol (Pamphlets, Sermons, & A Toast to the Sun)

Vicente Ferrer Azcoiti
Pictures by Alejandra Hidalgo

ISBN: 978-84-947764-3-4
Out of series / Spanish edition / 1st edition: December 2018 / 14,5 x 18,8 cm / 160 pages / bicoloured illustrations / hardcover / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

This small book gathers twenty articles, interviews, and speeches by Media Vaca’s editor, published along the twenty years of the publishing house’s life. The topics of discussion, among other matters, are children’s books, illustrated books, the works which compose the publisher’s catalogue, their authors, and the editor’s work.

A pamphlet is a booklet, sometimes unsigned, that contains propaganda in favour or against any kind of ideas. A sermon is a speech, sometimes delivered from a pulpit in a solemn tone, about religious, moral, or other important matters. A short sermon, then, must be a sermon of brief duration or about derisory matters. A toast is a social act in which two or more people drink and clink their glasses to wish each other health and fortune, or to the success of a certain enterprise. The Sun is the star that illuminates our planet and provides it with warmth, and thanks to which life on Earth is possible. A toast to the Sun is an expression that refers to promises made knowing they will never be fulfilled. By extension, it applies to any act without substance or considered completely useless.

In 2018 Media Vaca will be 20 years old, and the publishers’s catalogue has reached 67 titles. To celebrate our anniversary we have carried out a series of activities that include meetings with authors, talks, workshops, exhibitions, and, in addition, the publication of this book, which brings together twenty texts published throughout our trajectory. We have given this celebration the name of ‘Toast to the Sun’ because, if toasts hold any meaning at all, they should be to celebrate the Sun, to which we owe our joy and good mood. The proof is in children’s drawings, where the Sun always appears with a big smile on its face.

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