Rubio, Gabriela

To illustrate any book one must understand well what it is saying. To illustrate Carrot Hair one must feel as the story feels. Gabriela Rubio was able to do it, among other things, because as a young girl she lived with a witch who slightly resembled Madame Lepic. Like Jules Renard, she also recorded her experience in a book.

In any case, that was a long time ago and since then she has had a lot of fun, particularly living with animals. When she is not drawing witches, boys, men, and women, animals are the protagonists of many of her illustrations. With Bzzz…, a story about two cats, she won the Lazarillo Award for illustration in 1993. That was her first book. Since then, encouraged by her success, Gabriela has continued drawing (elephants, bears, giraffes…) and winning awards.

She currently lives in Barcelona, is 32 years old, and has a dog named Mauro and a cat named Milú.

Self-portrait of the author