Pelo de Zanahoria (Carrot Hair)

Jules Renard
Illustrations by Gabriela Rubio
Translation by Álvaro Abós

ISBN: 978-84-930221-2-8
Books for Children Collection, number 3 / Spanish edition (original title: Poil de carotte) / 2nd edition: December 2017 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 240 pages / 27 two-page bicoloured illustrations + portraits of the authors / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

Originally published in 1894, this story tells, through a succession of brief scenes, some episodes from the life of a red-haired boy, to whom the book owes its name. Using very vivid language, the author portrays in a crude but humorous way the life of a teenager who is growing up in the countryside.

Poil de Carotte is undoubtedly the best known work by the French author Jules Renard (1864 -1910). Using meticulous language full of beautiful imagery, Renard portrays the worst years in the life of a boy known as Carrot Hair. The author relives his own childhood, hard and full of humiliations, and describes what those years in the countryside were like with a mother who did not love him, a father who practically ignored him, and siblings who made him the constant target of their mockery. The boy will discover what the world is made of; but the world will also discover, once and for all, who Carrot Hair really is.

Gabriela Rubio, who has been awarded with the Lazarillo and Apel.les Mestres prizes for illustration, has recalled her own childhood to find the faces, gestures, and lights that construct the setting of this story.

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