Ortin, Carlos

Carlos Ortin (Valencia, 1961) did not learn to draw reading Rubén Darío, nor is he certain about how many Twenty Love Poems by Pablo Neruda exist, but he can confidently say that he knows something about poetry after witnessing the work of the greatest illustrators.

In this book he pays tribute to some of his favourite illustrators. Among those he most admires are those who search for inspiration by moving furniture: TRNKA, HAUPT, BIRNBAUM, BURKE, CRUMB;

those who toast and break the champagne flute on the fireplace to celebrate a good commission: BASS, KARASZ, CHALAND, CHWAST;

those who cannot concentrate with the noise of hinges: KLEE, CESC, SASEK, GOREY, GOÑI, GROSZ;

those who cannot concentrate with the noise of ringing bells: TOPOR, TONO, FOLON;

those who blaspheme when their clothes get stained: HOGARTH, HOOPER, HERRIMAN;

those who whistle when they do not get stained: SEIBOLD, SENTO, SWARTE, SEMPÉ;

those who murmur behind their publishers’ back: MALMAN, MEULEN, MASEREEL;

those who openly speak truths: GARRIDO, BROBITSKY, PEÑARROYA, ALADJALOV;

and those who, thanks to their carefree brushstrokes, make a modern art gem out of a shopping list: FRANQUIN, GAVIOLI, BALZOLA, CALATAYUD, STEINBERG, LADA.

Herrín Hidalgo

Self-portrait of the author