Renard, Jules

He noticed that infinity is nothing more than a sum of small things, sometimes microscopic, even invisible. Also, that what the world tells and has value is presented silently and discreetly. To speak about all this, Renard made an effort to find the right words.

He wanted to be a writer in order to explain the impressions left on him by things that are hard to explain. He did not write as much as others, but he devoted himself to writing just as much. And it is a fact that, putting in the same hours, he could have built a pyramid in Egypt. In his Diary we witness happy and bitter moments through anecdotes and commentaries full of humour and distance.

Renard lived two lives simultaneously: the read-headed boy jumping in the middle of a turbulent sea, and the writer who in the dead calm is simply keeping afloat. He dedicated Carrot Hair to his two children, who were still too young to understand this immense gift, and, in addition, the sick joke that was the life they had just acquired. They would soon find out; certainly before they could read that book.

Portrait of the author by Gabriela Rubio