Buzzi, Aldo

Aldo Buzzi (Como, 1910 – Milan, 2009), colleague of Saul Steinberg’s at the School of Architecture, was one of his first friends in Italy and with time would become a privileged interlocutor. To him we owe the very existence of the artist’s book of memoirs and book of letters, and that such are written in Italian. Buzzi, four years older than Steinberg, would never work as an architect, just like his friend: he worked in cinema as an assistant director along Alberto Lattuada —another fellow schoolmate— and other directors. In 1955 he co-directed with Federico Patellani the documentary América pagana (Pagan America), dedicated to Mayan culture. Later, he ventured into the literary world, and he is especially known today as a late author of a handful of unclassifiable books. Above anything, the two friends were enthusiasts who shared a love for literature, art, gastronomy, and travel.

Books by Aldo Buzzi

  • Taccuino dell’aiuto-regista. Milan: Hoepli, 1944.
  • Quando la pantera rugge. Milan: All’insegna del pesce d’oro, 1972.
  • Piccolo diario americano. With drawings by Saul Steinberg. Milan: All’insegna del pesce d’oro, 1974.
  • L’uovo alla kok. Con dibujos de Saul Steinberg. Milán: Adelphi, 1979.
  • Andata & ritorno. Milan: All’insegna del pesce d’oro, 1984.
  • Viaggio in Terra delle mosche e altri viaggi. Milan: Scheiwiller, 1987.
  • Cechov a Sondrio. Appunti sulla Russia. Milan: Scheiwiller, 1991.
  • Cechov a Sondrio e altri viaggi. Milan: Mondadori, 1994.
  • Stecchini da denti. Appunti di vita, di gastronomia, di viaggio. Milan: Mondadori, 1995.
  • La lattuga di Boston. Diario di un attimo. Milan: Ponte alle Grazie, 2000.
  • Riflessi e ombre. Con Saul Steinberg. Milan: Adelphi, 2001.
  • Lettere a Aldo Buzzi, 1945-1999. Saul Steinberg. [Edited by Aldo Buzzi]. Milan: Adelphi, 2002.
  • Un debole per quasi tutto. Milan: Ponte alle Grazie, 2006.
  • Parliamo d’altro. Milan: Ponte alle Grazie, 2006.

Photograph by Hedda Sterne