Denevi, Marco

His debut and always remembered novel, Rosa at Ten O’clock, received the Kraft Award in 1955, initiating his literary journey. Later, he received Life magazine’s First Prize in 1960 for his nouvelle Secret Ceremony, and the Argentores Award in 1962 for El cuarto de la noche (The Night’s Room). From then on he gained well-deserved international recognition based on his profound and outstanding work. He also wanted to be a playwright. Los Expedientes (The Files), a play that premiered at the Cervantes Theatre, received the National Theatre Award. Two other plays followed —El emperador de la China (The Emperor of China) and Cuando el perro del ángel no ladra (When the Angel’s Dog Doesn’t Bark)—, but Denevi said he had no original perspective on theatre except the one a spectator has on other people’s plays, so he did not insist again. From 1980 onwards, he focused on political journalism, an activity which, according to him, brought him the greatest joy in his career as a writer.

Portrait of the author by Max