Poems With No Book

Poems by Pedro Luis Ferrer
Collages by Marta Pina
Edition and commentary by Begoña Lobo

ISBN: 978-84-122263-6-2
Jicotea collection, no. 1 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: July 2021 / 13 x 16,5 cm / 272 pp. / Full coloyr illustrations / Hardback / Printed in Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

This collection of poems, the author’s first published book, is only a small part of his extensive work, turned into song more often than not. In this book, music’s place is taken by Marta Pina’s collages. From the ‘Pozo’ of his childhood in Yaguajay to the ‘Crimen de la demagogia’, nothing is foreign to him and humour can overpower it all.

‘I couldn’t stay illiterate. My uncle Raúl wouldn’t let me.’ Anyone who has been to a concert by Pedro Luis Ferrer know that he fills the spaces between songs with poetry and humour, and masterfully takes us from emotion to laughter. Such is the case in this first book of published published by an uncontainable author —he writes on a daily basis—, who also rewrites and mercilessly ‘runs through the workshop’ everything that springs from his imagination.

His writing was born from his family home and from listening, since he was a child, to verses, conversations and songs in his family of poets, politicians and musicians. Everything he learnt, driven by his work and passion for language, and for the music that infuses the stanzas of Cuban poetic tradition with rhythm. And always with humour.

Those who are familiar with his music will find here some poems they’ve known as songs; others have been masterfully recited by the author’s voice in his concerts; some can be read on his website and blog, but most are unpublished.

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