Tokio (Tokyo)

Taro Miura
Translation by Kiyoko Masaoka

ISBN: 978-84-934038-1-2
My Beautiful City Collection, number 1 / Spanish edition / 2nd edition: February 2007 / 17 x 17 cm / 104 pages / two-page bicoloured illustrations / hardcover / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

In the form of a children’s book, this story is about the animals of Tokyo, and also, about money, an important topic for Tokyoites. The protagonist is Mito, a little girl who visits the Japanese capital for the first time. Curious to discover the secrets of the city, she will interrogate every animal she meets along the way.

Tauro Miura's book dedicated to Tokyo inaugurates the collection My Beautiful City. This is the first published story by the illustrator, whose work features in the catalogues of some of the most important international publishers, and it takes the form of a children's book, although it is dedicated to all readers. The books has similar characteristics to the city it portrays: simple but calculated, bare but rich in details, orderly but capricious.

Tokyo is about animals and money, important topics for any tokyoite. The main character is called Mito, like Taro's daughter, who was born at the same time as the book and to whom the book is dedicated, and she is a little girl who visits the Japanese capital for the first time.

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