Rubielos de Mora

Photographs by Juan Carlos Leguey
Prologue and edition by Vicente Ferrer Azcoiti

ISBN: 978-84-122263-7-9
My Beautiful City collection, no. 8 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: October 2021 / 17 x 17 cm / 196 pages / 178 colour photographs / Contains maps / Hardcover / Printed in Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

Rubielos de Mora, a small town of 635 residents in the south of the province of Teruel, is a place full of treasures. Some are clearly visible: its noble houses or its starry night sky; others are better hidden, like fossils and truffles. Some are visible and hidden at the same time, such as the iron-forged lampposts that illuminate its streets, which had not been noticed by visitors until recently. Many of these lampposts contain figures that tell the story of the buildings or the neighbourhood in which they are located. This book brings together the 177 illustrated lampposts and reveals some of their secrets.

Part of these 177 lampposts, found in the centre of Rubielos, were made by the blacksmith Manuel Baselga and the sculptor José Gonzalvo at the beginning of the 1960s. In a second era in the mid-eighties, the electrician Miguel Florencia, recovered this tradition and was responsible for most of the designs, while the cooperative La Zarza was in charge of the production.

In the book we have organised by theme the motifs represented, excluding their location, which can be found on the maps featured in the endpapers. Therefore, it’s possible to walk around Rubielos, map in hand, chasing lampposts. You can also ignore the map (highly recommended) and wander around the town without following a fixed itinerary, letting the roofs, doors, trees, clouds, charming corners, as well as the lampposts, come to you.

Some lampposts feature figures of animals, professions, medieval motifs, means of transport, children’s games, and so on. The origin of these figures is not always clear, but with the neighbours’ help we will piece together a story that, without a doubt, promises to be very interesting.

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