The Baroque Child

ISBN: 978-84-122263-4-8
Last Readings collection, no. 8 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: October 2021 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 120 pages / With abundant white and colour pictures / Hardcover with dust jacket / Printed in Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

Despite its short length, this book is not easy to explain. On the one hand, it includes a very vivid story of a childhood nightmare. On the other, it offers information on some baroque painters who had little to no success in life (except for two). In an understated way, it’s a tribute to the German art critic August L. Mayer and the painter Alonso Cano, from Granada. Lastly, it’s an autobiographical work in which the author, a painter (among many other facets), tells how his father, also a painter, introduced him to the trade.

In addition to reproductions of paintings by Alonso Cano, Francisco Collantes, Francisco Palacios, and Valdés Leal, among other artists who feature in the collections of important Spanish and international museums, the volume reproduces drawings, paintings and a postage stamp with portraits of people who are, have been or could have been the painter Alonso Cano, a potential distant relative of the author of this book. It’s as likely as not; but it cannot be denied that both share the same surname and profession, and if one stands in front of a certain painting by the eldest Cano, considered a self-portrait, and looks at it from the side with narrowed eyes, one could even sense a resemblance.

As a sharp critic would say: ‘This is not any other book about the Spanish Baroque; among other things because it cites the magazine La Codorniz and the Marx brothers’. In any case, it’s an ideal gift for baroque children of all ages.

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