De Luis, Rafael

Place and date of birth Valencia, 1956

Current occupation Photographer

Other occupations Audiovisual content producer, digital photography and free software teacher

Ideal occupation Amateur photographer

Something you cannot do in Valencia Swim in the river

Something you can only do in Valencia Ride a motorbike

If you did not live in Valencia, where would you live? Some other Mediterranean coast, preferably in Mallorca, which is completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea

Favourite places in Valencia El Carmen district

Favourite Valencian characters Pere Compte, Cavanilles

From the images you know of Valencia, which do you prefer? The map of Tosca

Street, square, or corner of Valencia where you see yourself in dreams On Caballeros Street

If for whatever reason Valencia had to be demolished in its entirety, what would you save? The Almudín

Favourite tree The banana tree plant, which produces those mysterious balls that disintegrate into volatile cotton

Favourite window One on the staircase of El Miguelete, from which you can see the Cathedral’s roof

A memorable poster, phrase, or graffiti ‘We are Valenlonians, never Catacians’

With which statue in Valencia would you have a conversation? With the Santons Juanes ones; since there are many, we would have a gathering

What is the best time of day to visit Valencia? Eight in the evening, summertime

When have you had the most fun in Valencia? In the 1970s. Maybe due to my age

Can one be happy in Valencia? Yes, you only have to try

What is the best place in Valencia for love? Plaza Negrito

And for crime? The City of Arts and Sciences

Is Valencia suitable for children? Yes, but accompanied

A childhood memory of the city The trams going through Serranos Street

Do you often think about the Valencian sea? Yes, and it does not have an easy fix

What opinion does Valencia’s horizon deserve? That it is very far and hard to see

When you walk through the streets of Valencia, do you look up to the sky or down at the ground? I try to look in 360º

What catches your attention more, buildings or holes? Holes, without a doubt

Your favourite music associated with the city Lou Reed

Do you notice the presence of the Moon in Valencia’s daytime sky? Yes, but the best one is the Moon that appears on the Malvarrosa sea

If we decided not to call Valencia ‘the city of Turia’, what new name could we give it? ‘The City of Vampires’, because it already has the emblem

What should not be missing from a book about Valencia? A palm tree

Passport photograph of the author