Seis niños en Marte (Six Children on Mars)

Luis Ruiz de Gopegui
Illustrations by Juan Miguel Aguilera, inspired in photos by NASA and Santiago Martí / AFC
Text about the author by Belén Gopegui

ISBN: 978-84-936796-7-5
Books for Children Collection, number 16 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: July 2011 / 18,5 x 23 cm. / 208 pages / 19 two-page colour illustrations / hardcover with dust jacket

This story, addressed primarily to young readers, can be an enjoyable experience for curious people of all ages. Although it is fiction, it is not fantasy: its author is a scientist who tells us an exciting story about a space mission to Mars, in which the astronauts are a group of boys and girls aged 8 to 12.

This is a very special and spacial book, since the action takes place in space and the main characters are only children. However, they are not children riding cows with wings, nor do they suffer nightmares induced by an indigestion of peaches, because the author, Luis Ruiz de Gopegui, is a scientist. This is his first children’s book, and in it, he describes what one must reasonably do to reach the planet of Mars. Luis knows about this because he watched the operations which made possible man’s arrival on the Moon from NASA’s space station in Spain.

The journey to Mars today is, above all, an intellectual adventure, but perhaps will soon become a reality. Due to its entertaining content and simplicity, this book can be read in one sitting and can encourage children to look up to the sky in a different way, and possibly, contribute so there will be many future astronauts willing to face the deep space and the technical difficulties that seem insurmountable today. Nothing is impossible for children.

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