A través del espejo y lo que Alicia encontró allí (Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There)

Lewis Carroll
Illustrations by Franciszka Themerson
Translation from English by Andrés Ehrenhaus
Commentaries by Jasia Reichardt and Jorge Cadavid

ISBN: 978-84-938692-4-3
Book for Children Collection, number 17 / Spanish edition / Original title: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (1871) / 1st edition: July 2013 / 18,5 x 23 cm / 240 pages / 58 bicoloured illustrations + additional photos by Santiago Martí / hardcover with dust jacket / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

The second book about Alice, written in 1871, is full of word plays, absurd poems, and magic tricks. This edition includes a new translation, accompanied by the illustrations Franciszka Themerson created in 1945, a necessary distraction from the Nazi aviation dropping bombs on the city of London.

Through the Looking-Glass is the second book about Alice. Lewis Carroll wrote it in 1871, six years after Alice in Wonderland was first published, a children’s literature classic that still lives on. With this second book, the author wished to offer a farewell gift to the little girl who had inspired the story, and whom he had not seen for a while. It is undoubtedly a strange book. In its contents we find abundant word plays, absurd poems, and magician’s tricks. Its translation into other languages presents a serious headache for any translator, so initially, we searched for a translator without a head, or alternatively, with a head made of titanium. We found something better: a writer with a sense of humour, translator of Shakespeare’s and Lennon’s works.

The illustrations that accompany this edition were created by Franciszka Themerson (1907-1988) in 1945, during the Blitz bombing raids in the city of London. Franciszka had always considered this story to be her favourite, and giving it illustrations served as a means to escape the horrors of the war. Although she was very excited about this project, she passed away before she could see it published. After a limited edition in English appeared, we now publish it in Spanish, and it represents the 50th book in the Media Vaca catalogue. We invite you to step through the looking-glass and celebrate with us.

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