Del uno al ciento. Libro de números (From One to a Hundred. Book of numbers.)

ISBN: 978-84-936796-3-7
Big and Small Collection, number 10 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: February 2010 / 5,5 x 7,5 cm / 120 pages / black and white illustrations / hardcover / printed at Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig, Munich, Germany

This miniature book is neither a history of numbers, nor a philosophical essay, nor mathematical entertainment; however, nothing is absolutely discarded here. It can be read as a novel, where numbers express themselves freely in their tiger or butterfly costumes, that will equally captivate children and adults.

This book by José Cardona El Persa (Valencia, 1943), which we have published in its original size, is neither a story about numbers, nor a philosophical essay, nor mathematical entertainment, although nothing is discarded here. It is simply the last straw of every scientific and literary library worthy of this claim; a place where numbers freely express themselves and appear as fictional characters, willing to stage in front of us their happy lives as a tiger or a butterfly.

This book of numbers can be read as a novel and will captivate children and adults alike; some might go into shock and others might feel deeply moved when they discover -oh, wonder- that after number forty-three comes number forty-four.

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