Cuentos de la estrella legumbre (Tales of the Legume Star)

ISBN: 978-84-932004-9-2
Big and Small Collection, number 3 / Spanish edition / 1st edition:  August 2005 / 16 x 26 cm / 116 pages / black and white illustrations + sketches / hard cover cloth-bound / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

This book collects the 77 minimal stories that compose the series, produced over fifteen years and published in a variety of magazines that are practically impossible to find today. They constitute a graphic and vital diary, and a summary of the doubts and concerns that have accompanied the author along the way.

This book compiles all the graphic stories the illustrator Javier Olivares created under the same title, and which have previously appeared in diverse publications. These one-page tales, many of them created in collaboration with other illustrator friends and seasoned with dark humour, are halfway between illustrated literature and spontaneous writing. The author covers a great variety of genres and even delves into epigrams and metaphysical drama.

"Fourteen years ago, I wrote the title Tales of the Legume Star in one of my notebooks” Javier says "and underneath, I drew the first story in a series I have sporadically worked on ever since. The result, viewed from time’s perspective, has ended up looking more like a vital and graphic diary than a work developed according to a specific plan".

These 77 minimal stories, drawn in black and white, give testimony to the passage of time and reunions with friends. They reveal the author’s creative mechanisms, since they also display an important repertory of graphic and narrative resources, and encapsulate the doubts and concerns that have accompanied him throughout his life.

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