Covers for Cartelera Turia

Miguel Calatayud
Includes a conversation with Federico García Herráiz
Commentary by Vicente Vergara

ISBN: 978-84-938692-5-0
Big and Small Collection, number 16 / Spanish edition / 1st edition: July 2013 / 14 x 19 cm / 288 pages / full color illustrations / includes a conversation between the author and  Federico García Herráiz, and a commentary by Vicente Vergara / hardcover with stamping / printed at Brizzolis, Madrid, Spain

In the mid-seventies, the illustrator Miguel Calatayud was a regular contributor to the Cartelera Turia Magazine in Valencia, for which he created over two hundred covers. This book invites us to appreciate the work of one of our main graphic artists, and simultaneously, examine the exciting cultural life that bustled in Valencia at the time.

During the mid-seventies, and for nearly a decade, the illustrator Miguel Calatayud regularly collaborated with the Cartelera Turia magazine in Valencia, for which he created over two hundred covers. It is an important job few people know about, or at least, not in its entirety. Despite its small size, Cartelera Turia, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, is the leading reference publication of Valencia’s public life, and as its readers know, it has always been much more than just a simple cultural events guide.

This book, with the subtitle ‘Graphic Memoir of the Valencian Cultural Life from 1976 to 1983’, will provide readers with the perspective to appreciate the work of one of our main graphic artists during his work’s most mature period, and will give young people the opportunity to examine the exceptional moment of growth that Valencia experienced at the time. Looking back, the city seemed more like New York or The Athens of Pericles.

This volume collects the 223 covers from said period, in addition to three more works the artist created at a later date, and is completed with an article by Vicente Vergara, director of Cartelera Turia, as well as the transcription of a cheerful conversation between two friends: Miguel Calatayud himself and the jazz critic Federico García Herraiz, contributor of Cartelera Turia and lover of the most joyous Valencia.

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