Once Upon 21 Times…, Little Red Riding Hood

New stories by 21 Japanese Illustrators inspired by Perrault's classic tale
Edited by Vicente Ferrer
ISBN: 84-934038-5-7
324 pages
PVP: 25 euro

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Érase veintiuna veces Caperucita Roja







When Media Vaca first embarked upon its journey, sometime around 1998, the editor did not know well which books he wanted to make, but he was fairly clear about those he did not want to make: those which already existed in a thousand forms: Little Red Riding Hood!

Yet such is life, that finally there exists a Little Red Riding Hood from Media Vaca. Nevertheless it is not ‘just another book’, because it is twenty one books: twenty one distinct stories which take as their point of departure the text by Perrault, author of the first tale about this most famous of characters.

This project has its origin in a workshop for illustrators which took place in Japan’s Itabashi Museum during the summer of 2003. The participants –of whose works the book comprises– were asked not to limit themselves to simply putting their illustrations alongside Perrault’s words. Instead they were to feel free to make any changes desired in order to realise their particular interests in the tale. The result is as varied as it is surprising: there are stories of fear, of laughter and adventure; also of ghosts, love or gastronomy.

* Texts and illustrations by: Ayabo, Shimon Sakurai, Hazuki Hayashi, Yukari Miura, Yukari Miyazawa, Manami Yamada, Yuco Ishizuka, Maki Takubo, Kaori Tsukuda, Kana Yamada, Izumi Yamada, Chikako Futatugi, Kyoko Enomoto, Mari Yano, Maki Iino, Kyoko Ogawa, Rie Koresawa, Tomoko Iwama, Yuka Iwase, Nozomi Kobayashi & Taro Miura.