Genichiro Yagyu
ISBN: 978-84-935982-4-2
24 pages
22,7 x 24,7 cm.
PVP: 11 euro


Tetas Tetas Tetas

—Why do women have breasts and men don’t?
—Because they are used to nurse babies!
—But men also have breasts!
—But they have no milk!
—I see!

This book explains what they are and how they work in an amusing way which even a baby can understand.

Breasts forms part of the series The Map of my Body, comprised by six titles. Their author, Genichiro Yagyu is Japanese. As a child, he had bad eyesight and wore round glasses with a white frame which looked like slices of turnips, hence at school, he was called «Turnip Glasses». This made him think for quite a while. When he stopped worrying about that, he began to worry about his chubby buttocks, and later on about the holes of his nose. After so much looking at himself and looking at everyone else, it was natural that he would end up making these books to know our body a little better and understand how it works.

Genichiro Yagyu