Alma-portadaSoothing the Soul

Text by Lluïsa Cunillé and Paco Zarzoso
Collages by Marta Pina
Commentary by Sergi Tarín
ISBN: 978-84-936796-9-9
120 pages
13 x 16,5 cm
PVP: 15 euro

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El alma se serena

El alma se serenaEl alma se serena El alma se serena El alma se serena El alma se serena

El alma se serena (Soothing the Soul) is a play is co-authored by Lluïsa Cunillé and Paco Zarzoso which the Theatre Company: Companyia Hongaresa de Teatre has performed with growing success since its premier in 2009.

Three neighbours, a man and two women, sheltered in a house in the Valencian Cabanyal neighbourhood make plans for their lives while they hear threatening noises outside. The starting point, as you can see, reminds us of The Three Little Pigs by Walt Disney or Key Largo by John Huston, works which depict the universality of emotional stories about local life. In this case, the invisible enemy is not a ferocious beast (although it is) or a tornado, but a telluric municipal force which seems straight out of a comic book. This is Valencia, we mustn't forget: The city which spends more on fireworks than on schools and hospitals!

Although the play has numerous representations, the book does not exactly use the images from its staging: the illustrator, Marta Pina, who has invented the tradition of the «illustrated theatre book», shares her personal vision, as she likewise respects the letter and the spirit of the text.

This edition is completed with three letters which Leonardo Perales, a spectator, wrote to the reporter, Sergi Tarín, telling him about his impressions about the play, what this experience meant to him and everything which took place afterwards.


Lluïsa Cunillé Marta Pina
Paco Zarzoso